Day 1: Formby to Tanzania

We have had a productive day organising and preparing for the adventure that lies ahead. 

The team have decided on their first roles:

Katie and Harry have stepped up as the first leaders of the group for the next three days. So far so good. 

Accommodation has been booked for our first stop Dar Es Salam by Freya and Jemima-The Safari Inn!!! 

Transport from the airport has been booked by Fraser, Liv and Katie. 

The budget has been distributed and is being excellently handled by our team bank "Mulvey Money"- ran by Liv and Katie

We are about to board our final flight of the journey from Addis Ababa to Dar Es Salam. A quick game of home made cricket in the airport and we are off again.

The team are tired but ready and much more prepared for what lies ahead. 

World Challenge Team