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Day 5- seeing the village

This morning we woke up for church at 10 o'clock, the team enjoyed seeing the culture and listening to their church hymns before introducing ourselves to the congregation.  After wards we were taken to our local tour guides home to learn how to cook traditional Tanzanian food involving crushing maize with huge wooden sticks. The dish made was delicious and we had it for our tea. Before heading back to Tona lodge the team went to watch a local football match and Harry even got to plat for the local team! They won 2-0. During the match, the spectating team made friends with the local children and taught them how to take selfies- surprisingly they could speak English very well. Afterwards the group headed back to the lodge and got an early nights sleep for our early morning call to travel to Moshi for our Safari! 

Day 4- Trek 2

At 8:30 the group were once again ready for their second trek of the trip. After a 3 hour walk up hill the team eventually reached the viewpoint showing spectacular views we could even see killimanjaro! The team shared 2 chabati's at the top too. When returning from the viewpoint we were lucky enough to talk to Ely the manager of Tona Lodge and popular man in the town who shared his story to us before we all went to sleep.

Day 3- 1st trek

The group woke up to a lovely sunrise and a quick HIIT session with Miss Seagraves before breakfast and preparing ourselves for our 7 hour trek up the mountains to the caves and waterfall. We enjoyed our jam sandwiches on the rocks of the waterfall and writing our names on the walls of the bat infested caves before heading back to camp. This afternoon the group enjoyed playing games such as "rock, paper, scissors with a twist" named by Harry and a charade game with our favourite celebrities. We had a scrumptious pasta made by our group chef Ellie and we are all off to bed for our next trek tomorrow to the view point! The world challenge team 

Day 2- Travelling to Tona Village

After an early wake up call at 4:40 the team were ready to make our voyage across Tanzania to Tona Village where we will be camping.  With amazing views as we went from City to countryside the team soaked up a lot about our new surroundings along  with many locals on the way trying to sell us various items coming up to the windows of the bus.  We are currently 2 hours away from Same where we will catch our final bus that takes us to the village where we will pitch our tent and have our meal! The World Challenge Team

Day 1: Arrival

So- after a long journey of which included 3 plane journeys, we have now arrived in Dar Es Salaam and settled into our accomodation, "The Safari Inn". We are now planning our journey to Tona Village tomorrow and going out for our tea- yum!

Day 1: Formby to Tanzania

We have had a productive day organising and preparing for the adventure that lies ahead.  The team have decided on their first roles: Katie and Harry have stepped up as the first leaders of the group for the next three days. So far so good.   Accommodation has been booked for our first stop Dar Es Salam by Freya and Jemima-The Safari Inn!!!   Transport from the airport has been booked by Fraser, Liv and Katie.   The budget has been distributed and is being excellently handled by our team bank "Mulvey Money"- ran by Liv and Katie We are about to board our final flight of the journey from Addis Ababa to Dar Es Salam. A quick game of home made cricket in the airport and we are off again. The team are tired but ready and much more prepared for what lies ahead.  World Challenge Team
7 days until our adventure begins. We will be catching up using the blog when we get WiFi. Hopefully you can follow us on this incredible journey. Also please follow our Instagram page for pictures and more updates: worldchallengerangehigh Miss Seagraves